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It is our shared vision that all the DPSSV students will benefit from...

Bravery to try new things, to take risks and to go beyond expectations.

Enjoyment: within an inspiring learning environment and DPSSV’S rich cultural heritage, we enjoy an exciting and relevant curriculum, which encourages independent and creative thinking.

Lifelong learning: creating effective learners with the self-belief, skills, adaptability and passion for learning which will enable them to thrive physically and emotionally in an unknown future.

Innovation: aspiring to be ahead of the game, providing staff with high quality training and professional development opportunities to enable them to employ the most effective and innovative teaching methods, based on sound research.

Excellence: creating a culture where we strive for and achieve excellence in all that we do celebrating each small step along the way.

Value: an inclusive community, in which all members feel valued, challenged, supported and safe.

Experiences: providing exciting and diverse opportunities and experiences, which reveal possibilities, inspire a life-long love of learning and enable every child, regardless of their economic, social or cultural background, to be the best they can be.