DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, Siddharth Vihar's culture broadly includes the school wide ethos and the individual classrooms, high expectations for learning and achievement, a safe and caring environment, shared values and relational trust, a powerful pedagogy and curriculum, high student motivation and engagement, a professional faculty culture, and partnership with families and the community.

DPSSV is an institution, boasting of a positive environment, which largely includes the following:

A safe and caring social climate in which all the students feel welcomed and valued, and nurture a sense of belongingness. A prolific intellectual climate, in which all the students are inspired and motivated to put in their best efforts and to achieve a work of quality. This is supported by a rich, rigorous, and engaging curriculum and a powerful pedagogy for teaching it. All the school members are accountable to the rules and policies for high standards of learning and behaviour. Traditions and routines are built from shared values, that honour and reinforce the school,s academic and social standards. Staff and students share the responsibility for solving problems and making decisions. Effective partnership with parents to support students' learning and character growth. Norms and practices for relationships and behaviour that create a professional culture of excellence and ethics. Mistakes are not perceived as failures, rather as opportunities to learn and grow. Constructive and well intentioned criticism is promoted to help the institution grow further. Equal distribution of educational resources and learning opportunities, amongst the students, irrespective of their socio - economic status. Creating and celebrating the events and educational experiences that honour and celebrate the racialk, ethnic, and linguistic diversity of the students.

We, at DPSSV, strongly believe in the fact that without a school culture that is conducive to improvement and growth, reforms become exponentially difficult. To surge ahead on the holistic mission of education, a positive school culture becomes extremely imperative. We strive to inculcate in our learners, 21st century skills, such as creativity, problem solving, teamwork, respect for diversity, ethical decision making, and commitment to human rights and social justice.

Aiming to Achieve our Academics

Truly progressive and learner-friendly, the school provides a comprehensive academic curriculum supported by a system of instruction that encourages children to be logical, analytical, creative and communicative.

Affiliated to CBSE

Well planned, graded and innovative curriculum based on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) guidelines. In collaboration with the Centre for Child Adolescent and Family Counseling the school has a Learning Centre designed to handle learning difficulties and emotional issues among children. The special educators and an occupational therapist work in close coordination with teachers and parents to help children overcome their learning disabilities.

Assessment Policy

Stay back classes and remedial teaching classes are organized for students requiring special attention. The Syllabus in all subjects (for Classes III- VII) is divided into two independent semesters. Some basic conceptual portions of English, Hindi, Math syllabus are carried forward to the 2nd semester examination.

Weekly tests are held in all subjects for all classes according to the schedule.

Grades are given in different areas of learning in work experience and physical education.

School's Assessment Policy